Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Bad weekend

Last weekend was the first for three weeks that I was feeling well enough to spend more and on hour or so on the plot, but it was really bad in another way. My wife was due to fly to Freetown (capital of Sierra Leone) on Monday, but there was a last minute hitch with her Sierra Leonean passport. The result was that she ended up flying on her British passport with no visa. We thought she probably wouldn't be allowed on the plane, and as she had a non-tranferrable ticket, she'd have had to pay all over again to get on Friday's flight. It's not cheap either. I had a splitting headache for two days solid, until I heard that she'd managed to blag her way onto the flight. It vanished as soon as I got the news. There was no problem at the other end; you can bribe your way through anything over there. I managed to speak to her briefly last night on a very bad line; she was o the ferry from Lungi Airport to the mainland at the time.

I managed to do a bit of digging, and the snowdrops and Hellebores are doing really well.

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