Saturday, 24 May 2008

The spuds are all in, and I'm partway through mulching them. They get six inches of grass cuttings, but I don't earth them up at all. As long as we don't get a 'summer' like last, when everything susceptible succumbed to blight early on, they do well.

Most of the asparagus is now up; it's been taking its time, but once it gets going, it comes up really strongly. The tender veg are mostly ready to go out, but given the fluctuating temperatures recently, I'm not taking the plunge yet.

The bees are doing well; one hive now has six frames of brood, whille the other is still on three, and quietly building up. The stronger one should soon get to the pont where it has enough foragers to bring in a surplus of honey.

I got back last night from a two-day examiners' meeting in london. Not my idea of fun, it's boring and exhausting, cooped up all day in a too-hot windowless room. But it's over, I managed some time at the British Museum, and saw my daughter. So it wasn't all frustration.

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