Saturday, 6 June 2009

From the minutes of the 337th meeting of the Advisory Committee on Pesticides (ACP), held on 12 May 2009:

5. Agenda Item 5: Applications for the use of ‘Forefront’ and ‘Runway’ (now known as ‘Mileway’) water in oil emulsion formulations containing 30 g/l aminopyralid and 100 g/l fluroxypyr, as an agricultural herbicide and horticultural/industrial herbicide on grassland and amenity grassland [ACP 7 (337/2009)]

5.1 Members considered the applications for the re-instatement of approvals for products containing aminopyralid.

5.2 Members agreed that the applicant had taken all reasonable steps to manage manure contaminated with residues, through the proposed stewardship campaign, training and monitoring. However, there was some concern about the practicalities of the programme which would need to be addressed and closely monitored as part of the stewardship programme.

5.3 Members noted that aminopyralid was persistent in ground water, and that further confirmation of the effect of irrigating vulnerable crops from ground water sources was required.

5.4 Members were also concerned that approval in Europe could result in UK stewardship measures being by-passed. Further information was requested from the applicant about the level of approval and stewardship requirements across the EU

5.5 Subject to satisfactory resolution of these outstanding questions, members were minded to advise Ministers to re-instate approvals.

So the stuff's on the way back unless there's enough of a protest to force a re-think. I can only suggest that manure should be avoided altogether unless you know the animals and what they've been fed on, as this is likely to become a perennial problem.


  1. I've been enjoying your comments on my blog!

    I don't use any manure either. I make my own compost, and buy straw from local wheat farmers to mulch my garlic. Except for a few very incidental things (like the milk I'm trying on my garlic right now) and the straw, I don't have any inputs in my garden.

    I think it's a very important to minimize inputs and outputs in your garden. For me this manure contamination problem is just one more example why this is a good idea. I'm always worrying about my straw being contaminated...

  2. It's illegal to use aminopyralid on corn, but people are saying that they've seen farmers doing it. So you're wise to be careful! My only input is the grass cuttings and dead leaves, and while it's got sweet papers and the like in it, it certainly won't have agricultural chemicals.