Sunday, 14 June 2009

I've got Catwissa onions available to swap if anyone's interested. If you don't have anything to offer I'll accept postage.


  1. Hi Robert,

    I enjoy popping in on your blog from time to time, and just saw this post.

    I'd really love a few if you still have some. (only a few - I have just a little space!) I haven't any saved seed of my own, but can send postage. Alternatively I have lots of spare bought seed - see the url my name links to for a haphazard list of some of it. I'm particularly fascinated by the prospect of the strawbini!

  2. You've certainly been planting plenty; have you spare seed of all of it? I'm sure I can find a thing or two there. If you send a comment with your address (I won't publish it!) I'll get some Catawissa in the post.



  3. They're in the post. It's probably best to grow them on in pots for a year, then plant them out.

  4. Robert, thanks so much for the onions - I was so excited to get the package and they're settling in to their new pots. Do let me know what seeds I can send you - or if you'd rather the postage - I think I sent you my email address before. Thanks again, the envelope of onions made my day!

  5. They've taken a while to get to you! Glad they've arrived. What have you got to swap?