Saturday, 30 April 2011


The bees are going great guns, with nine frames of brood, the broodbox full of bees, and a few drones present. I've given them a couple of frames of foundation, to give them some comb to draw. I'm finding wild comb at the beck of the broodbox every week, and they might as well draw some where I want it!

I've been planting peas and brassicas. Caulis, kale, brussels, purple sprouting broccoli. Spis Bladene kale from the HSL is a bit of a mystery; it means 'eat the leaves', and is definitely not the plant's name. Apparently it 'appears to be a perennial kale', which sounds interesting. Half a dozen wigwams of peas meant loads of grass cuttings to be barrowed, but somehow I've managed this far without doing my back in. I'm planting more as fast as I get them planted out.

There's still far too much digging to be done.


  1. I've got loads of digging to catch up with too. I was relaxing too much, thinking it's ages before I need to plant anything else out - and now suddenly I'm running out of time!

  2. After being in no fit state to dig for most of last year, I was bound to get in a mess. I'm planning to grow my squashes, and maybe a few other things, through black plastic this year. That should go a long way towards fixing it.

  3. It really starts to look like a vegetable plot when you get things planted. I love this stage of gardening.

    Incidentally I note you have a link to Lexi's site. I finished Replica a couple of days ago on my Kindle. Fantastic book.

  4. I've managed to make good progress with my digging. It doesn't happen very often that I have a bank holiday weekend AND good weather!