Saturday 25 October 2008

I've had to leave this for a couple of weeks due to computer problems. I'm currently on a distressingly slow laptop while the main computer is down. The bees are fine, and the new queen s laying well. The bigger of the two swarms (Hive 3) is more active than any of the others in cool weather, and has been storing more honey. Obviously, that's a trait I need to encourage, so I'm just hoping it comes through the winter successfully. All the hives are still short of honey, and I'm still feeding.

I've planted overwintering onions, walking onions, and some of the garlic. Most of the potato beds have been dug over, and neither of the maincrops produced anything at all. that will have been due to late planting combined with early blight. I won't repeat that mistake!

We've just had an Open Day, combined with the Apple Day in the Botanical Gardens next door. I spent an hour manning a table in a nasty cold wind, had a wander round to warm up, and then had a look round the Botanical Gardens. The Tennis Club had some turn they'd lifted from one of the courts, so I had some of that; I might have a few more barrow loads if the weather's not too bad tomorrow, as there's loads there.

Friday 3 October 2008

I've managed to check the hives today, despite mad preparations for Namissa's Eid party tomorrow. The good news is that Hive 1 has patches of brood on two frames. The bad is that it has almost no stores. I'll be feeding all winter at this rate, but at least it has a chance.

Hives 2 and 4 are also light, but at least they have some stores, and I'll keep feeding. They're strong enough to take the feed down at a decent rate, unlike hive 1. 3 is the only exception; it's pretty much full of stores. They've obviously been going like mad during the better weather.

Apart from the lack of stores they're all looking pretty healthy.