Saturday, 10 November 2007

Not much to note on the allotment. I've checked both the hives I combined, and found that both have small broodnests with iopen brood, and capped brood with nice flat cappings. There's no sign of that dronelaying queen. So it's just a matter of waiting now, to see what comes through the winter and what doesn't.

I've planted seed of four more Trillium species; erectum, parviflorum, sessile and chloropetalum, but there hasn't been much going on cultivation-wise.

I gave a talk about the allotments to the Sutton Coldfield Horticultural Society the other night, which was a new experience. All very enjoyable though, and the fee paid for the slides I had to have made; I've currently got no way of projecting digital photos, and I gave up on film cameras some time ago, so I had to have old-fashioned slides made up specially. I've got them now though, if I ever get asked to do it again.

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