Tuesday, 22 December 2009


I had a quick look at the allotment yesterday; as expected, everything's frozen solid. The canal towpath, which is fancy brick paving going into town, is like an icerink. It's supposed to be warming up a little by the end of the week, according to Metcheck, so with any luck, I might get to taste some oca this side of the New Year.


  1. We are cold here in the south but not nearly as cold as you. We are expecting Christmas day to be in mid fifties with freezing overnight temps.

    OK tell me what is oca.

    Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays.

  2. Mid-fifties would be warm by current standards here; we're warm by comparison with the continental interior. It was down to -4 last night, according to Metcheck.

    Oca is an obscure South American vegetable, which I'm trying for the first time this year. You plant the tubers about April, protect it from frost, and lift it this time of year. I'll report back when I get to try some!