Friday, 19 March 2010

Black Potatoes and Pink Onions

I've already posted about the probable Vitelotte I found in the market. I've now discovered a page here: which suggests that this and several other old black potatoes are strains of the same variety. It's going to be a question of growing them out and comparing them. If I can get a crop despite the blight, that is, since it seems to be endemic on the site now, and they're all late maincrops.

Not long ago I found some pink shallot type alliums in the market, which I planted to see what they did. I got the Plants of Distinction catalogue yesterday, and spotted a variety called Pink Torpedo ( , partway down the page), which looks just like it. If so they'll give me seed this year, and I'm definitely not complaining at that. From what they say, it's mild-tasting European variety.


  1. The 'Negresse' variety I'm sending you showed not a hint of blight last year, or the year before.
    They were harvested in early August (before full maturity, as the foliage was blocking the path and swamping out crops on the next bed along - the foliage is very vigorous)
    The stems are also streaked in black - very attractive and distinctive.

  2. Robert I would plant them in 3inch pots now so that you can get a head start with them.
    Keep them in a heated area and it should help the job.
    I find these potatoes to be the latest of the late.