Thursday, 10 June 2010

Round the allotment

Everything's a right mess at the moment, desperately in need of a strim, which I haven't done due to backache. I seem to have got over it though, so it'll get done shortly. Meanwhile, here are some of the things in flower at the moment.
Allium 'Purple Sensation'
An old-fashioned paeony.
Serpette Guilotteau, an old French pea which allegedly reaches five feet or so.
Camassia. these are edible, and they're multiplying so fast I'll be reduced to eating them before long!
Onions growing through grass cutting mulch. You can see what happens to Poundland fleece after a short while. I won't be buying any more!


  1. Bah, I'm always falling into the trap of buying cheap stuff. I got these dead cheap mulch mats from Wilkinsons for my strawberries and they just curled right up in the rain! I am slowly learning...

  2. All beautiful, (apart from the fleece).
    Camassia - that's quamash isn't it? I tried to grow some from seed a few years ago but got no germination. I'd be happy to do a swap next winter if you need to get rid of some!

  3. Quamash it is. I should have plenty to swap, especially if I can manage to dig over the so-called flowerbed (weed bed really) they're in!

  4. Your French pea is looking good. I got home from a few days away to find that my last two I want to cross, Magnum Bonum and Carruthers PP are in flower. I don't know this one that you're growing - I'll be interested in your opinion on flavour.

  5. I'll certainly be commenting on taste!