Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Our annual vegetable show, which I organise, was on Sunday. It's taken me this long to recover! The person doing the teas had to drop out on Friday due to work, and then we had a thunderstorm in the middle of setting up on Saturday. It all worked out on the day, though. We had 18 people enter - not a lot out of 80 plots, but we get a couple more every year - and as you see, we filled the benches. There were a few minor glitches, and I really must get myself organised and get coloured card for the certificates well in advance. This year I couldn't get any locally, had to print them off myself, and they ended up curling. I didn't get the thirds really brown either, more a brownish pink. I could do with putting the date on them somewhere as well. As long as I can get it a bit better organised every year, and get a few more entrants each time, everyone's happy.
It's not competitive at all, more a bit of fun and an excuse to get people together, and anyone can win something. I entered eight classes, and got a first for my onions, plus a second and two thirds. That proves it's not competitive!


  1. Well done- yes, a clear winner with the onions - consistent size and colour, but a paper plate, tsk! tsk! :-)

  2. I know, but it's where we're at at the moment. Lots of paper plates, lots of people having to have plates and sand provided, and a few gringing proper plates. I could very easily get nicer ones for next year; we have a secondhand shop attached to my church, and we're always throwing things like that away.

  3. Our village show ALWAYS has paper plates. It's a traditon!
    Well done. We only 'win' the place card, no prizes. That doesn't mean it isn't competitive though!

  4. I've never entered a show, ever! I suppose living in London there aren't that many societies or shows to enter. Might do it one day if I find one.