Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Vegetable Seeds.net

I've just had £25 worth of free seeds from this online company for putting a link to their site on here. I discovered them just before Christmas, and got a small order very fast, right in the middle of the Christmas rush.

Postage is free, prices are excellent. Prive per packet is under £1, at least in most cases, and this leads to my one criticism. The quantity of seed varies wildly with the variety, no doubt reflecting seed prices. Some seed - hybrid Asparagus, for instance - is extremely expensive. leading to packets with two seeds. Very few places stock this seed, so I wonder, forstly, whether it's worth it, and secondly, whther they'd have done better to make an exception and have a more expensive packet with, say, ten or a dozen seeds.

Overall, though, an excellent little firm, and one which seems very responsive to Emails.


  1. Looks like a good range of varieties, and good value. Receiving £25 worth of seeds for endorsing a service you genuinely approve of is probably a better route than having Google ads on the site, which seems like it is never going to be the road to riches.

  2. I'm always happy to have a personal recommendation for a seed site.

    Interested to see Lexi Revellian on your blog roll. I'm one of her 10,000 kindle sales!