Saturday, 26 November 2011


This is now dying back after having been frosted during the week. As you can see, a crop appears to be forming. I'm not lifting anything till the top growth is completely dead.

I need to add more varieties for next year, to increase my chances of getting seed. I always get a few flowers, around October, but I haven't seen a seed pod yet. Once I have some, that starts a process of selection for plants which will flower, and set seed, reliably in our climate. It works with cacti. South American species which were exceedingly shy bloomers in Britain when they were first grown here, have now adapted after a number of generations, and flower reliably. No reason why the same thing shouldn't work with oca!


  1. So what does it taste like?? I'd be interested in trying some if it's worth it.

  2. Sort of lemony. I like it, the only drawback is the size of the crop I've had in the past. It tubers very late in the year, and early frost can destroy the crop before it has a chance to form. It needs to be bred for our climate, but we haven't got there yet.