Friday, 5 April 2013


I can only remember one shed burning on the site before, and that was someone with a grudge against the plotholder. We've had several plots vandalised, doors broken, a polytunnel slashed, and one shed incinerated.




  1. Heartbreaking. It was one of the reasons we gave up our allotments in the UK. How awful. Will the authorities do anything?

  2. Oh.. this makes me both cross and sad. I garden on the Chertsey Road (near to Chiswick) and last November, a BIG van came late at night with 8 guys in it, they systemcatically broke into 100 of 130 sheds, causing LOTS of damage, they stole no gardening tools but hand tools, strimmers and kettles.
    Grrrr. I do wish there was something we could do but allotments are not usually well protected and if thieving folk want to thieve, unfortunately they do.